Paris is the place of a stimulating modernity that continues to favor the quality of life. The reminiscence of customs and traditions inherited from the historical, economic and intellectual past determines the current city.

     The Faubourg Saint-Antoine that still today welcomes activities that shaped it as early as the seventeenth century is a remarkable model. The revolutionary spirit that has gone through these places is perpetuated in the spirit of freedom, vitality, solidarity, energy and creativity that animate the neighborhood.

     The studio Corrado Horozian Interior Design follow the paths initiated by his predecessors, artists and craftsmen who in their time embodied the French spirit.

     Opened on a picturesque passage crossing the Rue de Charonne, mid-town and mid- campaign, the studio is a convivial space in which projects of diverse nature and scale are invented.

     Knowledge of the business of art & crafts, the complicity with the actors of the district and curiosity for innovative materials and technologies are valuable allies in the development of unique and original works.


In 2004, Cynthia Horozian & Alex Corrado choose to share the plurality of knowledge and skills developed in the various sectors of activity of habitat, Headquarters, hotel and restaurant, shop and showrooms. Their parallel experiences have confronted them with a wide variety of projects. They acquired a solid experience in the field of luxury and of very high-end residential and commercial operations. On the margins of polemics, they refuse the debate that opposes Classical Architecture to Modern Architecture whose present forms are the product of a common cultural, aesthetical and societal past.


The limited number of permanent participants within the studio allows for high-quality human exchanges and a predisposition for empowerment and autonomy.

     The concertation and shared knowledge are the agents of cohesion and the driving force of the group dynamics. Individual skills and talents are mobilized together at the beginning of the study to be more specifically solicited step by step. This context of intellectual and creative synergy proves to be as beneficial to the Studio as favourable to personal fulfillment.The Studio is moreover surrounded by a faithful network of alternative collaborators whose skills come from all areas of architecture, town planning, crafts and arts.


The Studio Corrado Horozian Interior Design sign turnkey projects in Europe, Russia, United  States and China.

26 rue de Charonne    passage Lhomme    75011 Paris    France    +33 01 42 88 88 82

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